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Story 10: Agmaktta by Ambrose Obomsawin

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nia Ôbloas Obamsawin liwizi
My name is Ambroise Obomsawin
n'mitôgwesega liwizob Loi Napoliô Obamsawin
My-late-father he-was-called Louis Napoleon Obomsawin
n'dalitta io ni alnôbain io Odanak
I-at-right here I am-born here at-the-village
ni alwatta tagwagwiwi achi nd'ain
and really-almost completely also I-stay
wibitta sawi Pastonkik nd'elakanni nibeniwi
only sometimes in-the-US I-travel in-the-summer
kanwa alwatta majimi n'pedgipaiô tagwôgwiwi waji-tali-ponamia io Odanak
but really-almost always I-return-come in-the-fall in-order-to-there-I-winter here at Odanak
n'msali achi nizisakanni io Kanada taôlawitta Pastonkik
I-much also travel-as-two here Canada as in--the-US
n'msali n'wijawô n'mitôgwesega pamkanni
I-much I-accompanied-him my-late-father travelling
ta ôlawi msikokat
and even when-he-gathers-sweet-grass
pita nd'awôssiswi pemôja-pmakannia
very I-was-young when-I-began-to-travel
kanwa majimiwi n'wigôdam n'pedgipaiôn io Odanak
but always I-am-glad that-I-may-return-come here to-the-village
io n'kezaldamen kd'odanana
this I-love-it our-village
ta achi n'dali wlikizôwzin wjitta mamôja-alokaôna
and also I-at make-a-good-living ever-since if-I-began-working