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I Am Legend
Juno - "All I Want is You"
Juno - "Anyone Else But You"
Love in the Time of Cholera - "Despedida"
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Iron Man
In Bruges - "Prologue"
In Bruges - "St. John the Gambler"
The Dark Knight - "Like a Dog Chasing Cars"
Gran Torino - "Gran Torino"
Antichrist - "Lascia ch'io pianga"
Inglorious Basterds - "Rabbia E Tarantella"
Inglorious Basterds - "The Green Leaves of Summer"
Crazy Heart - "Hold On You"
Crazy Heart - "Hello Trouble"
Crazy Hearth - "My Baby's Gone"
Crazy Heart - "Once a Gambler"
Crazy Heart - "Fallin' & Flyin'"
Crazy Heart - "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way"
Crazy Heat - "If I Needed You"
Crazy Heart - "Brand New Angel"
Crazy Heart - "The Weary Kind" (Theme from Crazy Heart)
Desert Flower
MicMacs à tire-larigot - "Ça Déroule"
MicMacs à tire-larigot - "Droit de Cité"
MicMacs à tire-larigot - "Dernier Vol"
Alice in Wonderland
Inception - "Time"
Inception - "The Dream is Collapsing"
Inception - "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien"
Shutter Island
The King's Speech
Biutiful - "But...guai?
Biutiful - "As it chud be "
The Fighter - "How You Like Me Now?"
Machete - "Machete Main Title Theme"
Drive - "A Real Hero"
Drive - "Nightcall"
The Artist - "George Valentin"
The Intouchables
Shame - "Prelude & Fugue No. 10 E Minor, BWV 855"
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - "Immigrant Song"
Django Unchained - "Sister Sara's Theme"
Django Unchained - "Django"
Django Unchained - "La Corsa"
Django Unchained - "Un Momento"
Searching for Sugar Man - "Sugar Man"
Searching for Sugar Man - "I Wonder"
Searching for Sugar Man - "Like Janis"
Searching for Sugar Man - "Forget It"
Searching for Sugar Man - "This Is Not A Song, It's An Ou"
Searching for Sugar Man - "Crucify Your Mind"
Seven Psychopaths - "Angel of Death"
Seven Psychopaths - "Mr Mud And Mr Gold"
Silver Linings Playbook - "My Cherie Amour"
Silver Linings Playbook - "Goodnight Moon"
Silver Linings Playbook - "The Moon of Manakoora"
Silver Linings Playbook - "Always Alright"
Silver Linings Playbook - "Girl from the North Country"
Frozen - "Let ot Go"
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Great Gatsby - "Love Is Blindness"
The Wolf of Wall Street - "Smokestack Lightning"
American Hustle - "Delilah"
American Hustle - "Don't Leave Me This Way"
Whiplash - "Overture"
Whiplash - "Whiplash"
Whiplash - "Caravan"
John Wick - "Killing Strangers"