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12 Monkeys
Apollo 13
Crimson Tide
Dangerous Minds - "Gangsta's Paradise"
Dead Man
Desperado - "El Mariachi"
Heat - Opening Theme
Heat - "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters"
Judge Dredd
Pocahontas - "Colors of the Wind"
The Usual Suspects - Theme
The Usual Suspects - "The Greatest Trick"
Angela's Ashes
Fargo - "Fargo, North Dakota"
From Dusk Till Dawn - "After Dark"
Independence Day
Mission Impossible
The English Patient
The Rock
Trainspotting - "Born Slippy"
Twister - "Wheatfield"
Jackie Brown - "Street Life"
Jackie Brown - "Strawberry Letter 23"
Life Is Beautiful
Men In Black
Lost Highway - "I'm Deranged"
Lost Highway - "This Magic Moment"
Lost Highway - "I Put a Spell on you"
Lost Highway - "Heirate Mich"
Lost Highway - "Rammstein"
Lost Highway - "Song To The Siren"
The Devil's Advocate (Closing Song)
The Fifth Element - "Il dolce suono" / "Diva Dance"
Titanic - Main Theme
Titanic - "Rose's Theme"
The Jackal
U Turn - "Help Me Make It Through The Night"
U Turn - "Honky-Tonk Girl"
U Turn - "It's A Good Day"
U Turn - "La Mujer Que Amas"
U Turn - "Speaking Of Happiness"
U Turn - "Lonesome Town"