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Aaniin epiitaagamishkaag?

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It is warm
It is cool
Aaniin epiichi-gisinaag?
How cold is it?
Aaniin epiichi-gizhaateg?
How hot is it?
Aaniin epiitaagamishkaag?
What is the temperature?
Midaaswi apiichi-gisinaa
It is ten degrees cold
Naanan dabazhiish apiichi-gisinaa
It is five below
Niimidana apiichi-aabawaa
It is forty degrees warm
Niizhwaasimidana ashi-niizhwaaswi apiichi-gizhaate.
It is seventy-seven degrees hot
Aaniin epiichi-aabawaag?
How warm is it?
Ishwaasimidana apiichi-gizhaate
It is eighty degrees hot