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An overpowering love
A sweet encounter, or the beginning of a relationship
Influence over others
Realistic love, you see flaws in a relationship or lover
Immediate good luck concerning love and relationships
Long term good luck concerning love and relationships
Reunion with people from the past
An intense relationship
A mystic love or an intelligent fling
Wonderful rewards concerning love or a relationship
A good friend
A loving woman, the quintessential loving woman
The long lasting lover.
A major transformation at work
Some minor difficulties with projects at work
Major responsibility with a small reward
Stuck in a rut
Small accomplishments
A need to reflect on plans and try again
Discouraged, but you should keep trying
A need to finish your work, do not start new work
Things will change
A strong willed youth
A determined, level-headed woman
A determined, level-headed man
A financial windfall
Things starting to go smoothly
Desires come true
Things getting better, even though you don't know it
Money, creativity, ideas, relationships, and luck are all at a high
Intense life, things happening fast
Change of looks or attitude
Any dream is possible, the yes card
Near the end of a project, gaining earthly goods
Great fortune/Great luck
A youth who gets things done
A fun and interesting woman who is sometimes shallow
A man with a sunny disposition who may be good at making money
The end of something, completion, death
Inability to make clear decisions
Difficult beginnings
Depression and/or major obstacles
Courage and a strong will needed for a reckoning
Taking risks to make changes
Immediate change that is strong and empowering
Radical change
Achievement over obstacles
A sullen, quiet, deep, sometimes introverted youth
A strong willed self assured woman who makes decisions
An intense reserved man who thinks before speaking, is often deep in thought, and can seem calculating