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sells food or drink to make a profit - bars, restaurants, hotels etc
do not need to make a profit on the food and drink prepared - hospitals, prisons
catering establishments which provide accommodation for customers - B&Bs, hotels
catering establishments where no accommodation is provided - cafes, takeaways, restaurants
contract catering
companies which provide food where it is not usually provided. May be hired for festivals, weddings or private events
cafeteria service
ready-made food is served from a counter
fast-food service
customers order at a counter and are given their food right away or very quickly
customers select their food and serve themselves.
take-away service
Customers order food which is cooked for them but the customer does not eat it in the establishment. They may pick it up or have it delivered.
waited service
waiters/waitresses take orders and bring the customers their food and drink
plate service
presentation of food is completed by chef in the kitchen and brought to customers by waiting staff.
gueridon service
the chef completes the cooking or carving at the customers table to impress and entertain.
buffet service
customers pay a fixed price and may choose whatever food they want from a table or counter. They may take as much food as they wish.
carvery service
customers pay a fixed price. They are served meat and may serve themselves vegetables and accompaniments separately.
vended service/vending
coins or tokens are used to buy packaged food from a machine
travel service
food served during travel, such as on trains, ferries or planes ('in-flight')
is in charge of the company or establishment. They are responsible for whether the company makes a profit.
assistant manager
helps the manager do his/her job. Shares responsibility for running of company and may fill in for manager in their absence.
head chef
manager of the kitchen. Responsible for food quality, menu planning, hiring and training.
sous chef
assistant to head chef. In charge of day-to-day running of kitchen and manage other chefs.
sauce chef
prepares sauces, hot hors d'oeurves and stews. Most senior of station chefs.
station chef
is in charge of a particular area of production. In large kitchens, each station chef might have several assistants. In most kitchens the station chef is the only worker in that department.
larder chef
prepares cold foods - salads, pâté, buffet items, cold meats, hors d'oeuvres
pastry chef
makes pastries, desserts and breads. They may be responsible for the dessert menu.
vegetable chef
prepares dishes with vegetables or eggs. Also prepares soups.
assistant chef
chefs who are in training. They assist other chefs with simple tasks. Also called a commis chef.
people who prepare food for customers
service staff
people who serve the customers
restaurant manager
responsible for standard of service, hiring service staff, 'front of house' and health and safety in the establishment.
head waiter
greets customers and seats them at their table. Organises and trains new staff, handles complaints.
wine waiter
serves wine and other drinks. Helps customers select wine to suit dishes, is responsible for buying wines.
waiting staff
set tables, take orders, serve customers, prepare the bill and clear tables.
full-time staff
normally have a permanent job and will work all year round. They have a fixed number of hours(divided into days or shifts) and a contract.
part-time staff
work fewer hours than full-time staff. They usually have a fixed number of hours(divided into days or shifts) and a contract. They work busier times such as evenings and weekends.
casual staff
have no set hours, contract or benefits such as holidays. Usually hired for specific events or times of the year (eg Christmas).
day release
when an employee is allowed leave work to study for a set number of days and is still paid.