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for scraping mixtures from a bowl or pan.
spiral whisk
for mixing and preventing lumps forming in sauces.
balloon whisk
for whisking or whipping,for example, egg whites or cream.
fish slice
for lifting and turning food during preparation.
palette knife
for scraping and mixing.
measuring spoons
for measuring ingredients.
for serving soup or sauces.
vegetable peeler
for peeling vegetables.
cook's knife
for chopping ingredients.
vegetable knife
for peeling and cutting small bits of food.
boning knife
for removing bones from large joints of meat.
hand equipment
anything powered by hand, not electricity. Spatulas, spiral whisks, knives, measuring spoons.
care, safe use and cleaning of hand equipment
take care cleaning equipment with blades; clean utensils shortly after use; use hot soapy water.
small powered equipment
kettles, microwaves, blenders, food processors
a jug with a rotating blade for blending foods to a smooth texture such as soups and smoothies.
food processors
for chopping, mixing and blending food.
for cooking large joints and whole animals such as chickens.
for cooking and keeping food warm.
floor-standing mixers
for kneading, mixing or whisking large quantities of dough, cake or cream.
care, safe use and cleaning of powered equipment
should be serviced regularly by an electrician. Staff should follow the manufacturer's instructions; be trained before they use it; must be switched off after use; must not be installed where it creates a fire hazard.
food service equipment
any equipment used by customers or to serve customers.
hand service equipment
crockery, cutlery, glasses, serving dishes, serving utensils.
care, safe use and cleaning of hand service equipment
tableware should be stored in a drawer or cupboard so it doesn't gather dust. Glassware should be handled carefully so it doesn't get broken. Crockery and cutlery should be dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean.
powered service equipment
coffee machines, ice machines, juicers and credit or debit card machines.
care, safe use and cleaning of powered service equipment
Equipment used by customers should be cleaned every day. All powered equipment should be serviced regularly and switched off when not in use. It should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. Equipment that requires training to use should not be used by customers.
care, safe use and cleaning of knives
Knives should be kept sharp and stored in a knife block; carry knives by the handle with the blade pointing down; keep the handles clean and dry; don't try to catch a knife that's falling.
large powered equipment
rotisserie, deep-fat fryers, floor-standing mixers
serving utensils
tongs, large spoons, bottle openers
plates, dishes, cups, and other similar items, especially ones made of earthenware or china.