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The Time (Chas)

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Excuse me!
Tsі ne padkazhatse, kol’kі chasu?
What time is it, please?
Vyalіkі dzyakuy.
Thank you very much.
Tsyaper pershaya gadzіna.
It is one o'clock.
Tsyaper drugaya gadzіna.
It is two o'clock.
Tsyaper tretsyaya gadzіna.
It is three o'clock.
Tsyaper chatsvertaya gadzіna.
It is four o'clock.
Tsyaper pyataya gadzіna.
It is five o'clock.
Tsyaper shostaya gadzіna.
It is six o'clock.
Tsyaper semaya gadzіna.
It is seven o'clock.
Tsyaper vos’maya gadzіna.
It is eight o'clock.
Tsyaper dzevyataya gadzіna.
It is nine o'clock.
Tsyaper dzesyataya gadzіna.
It is ten o'clock.
Tsyaper adzіnatstsataya gadzіna.
It is eleven o'clock.
Tsyaper dvanatstsataya gadzіna.
It is twelve o'clock.
U khvіlіne shests’dzesyat sekund.
A minute has sixty seconds.
U gadzіne shests’dzesyat khvіlіn.
An hour has sixty minutes.
U adnym dnі dvatstsats’ chatyry gadzіny.
A day has twenty four hours.