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Yesterday – today – tomorrow (Uchora – sennya – za

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Uchora byla subota.
Yesterday was Saturday.
Uchora ya byu / byla u / u kіno.
I was at the cinema yesterday.
Fіl’m byu tsіkavy.
The film was interesting.
Sennya nyadzelya.
Today is Sunday.
Sennya ya ne pratsuyu.
I'm not working today.
Ya zastayusya doma.
I'm staying at home.
Zautra panyadzelak.
Tomorrow is Monday.
Zautra ya znou pratsuyu.
Tomorrow I will work again.
Ya pratsuyu u ofіse.
I work at an office.
Khto geta?
Who is that?
Geta Peter.
That is Peter.
Peter – student.
Peter is a student.
Marta – sakratarka.
Martha is a secretary.
Peter і Marta – syabry.
Peter and Martha are friends.
Peter – syabar Marty.
Peter is Martha's friend.
Marta – syabrouka Petera.
Martha is Peter's friend.