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Getting to Know Others (Znayomitstsа)

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Dobry dzen’!
Yak spravy?
How are you?
Vy z Europy?
Do you come from Europe?
Vy z Amerykі?
Do you come from America?
Vy z Azіі?
Do you come from Asia?
U yakoy gastsіnіtsy vy spynіlіsya?
Which hotel are you staying in?
Yak dauno vy uzho tut?
How long have you been here for?
Yak nadouga vy tut?
How long will you be staying?
Vam tut padabaetstsa?
Do you like it here?
Vy pryekhalі syudy na adpachynak?
Are you here on vacation?
Pryyazdzhaytse da myane kalі-nebudz’ u gostsі!
Please do visit me sometime!
Vos’ moy adras.
Here is my address.
My pabachymsya zautra?
Shall we see each other tomorrow?
Na zhal’, u myane uzho zaplanavanyya іnshyya spravy.
I am sorry, but I already have plans.
Da pabachennya!
Da sustrechy!
See you soon!