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At School (U shkole)

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Dze my?
Where are we?
My u shkole.
We are at school.
U nas zanyatkі.
We are having a lesson.
Geta vuchnі.
Those are the schoolchildren.
Geta nastaunіtsa.
That is the teacher.
Geta klas.
That is the class.
Shto my robіm?
What are we doing?
My vuchymsya.
We are learning.
My vyvuchaem movu.
We are learning a language.
Ya vyvuchayu anglіyskuyu movu.
I learn English.
Ty vyvuchaesh іspanskuyu movu.
You learn Spanish.
Yon vyvuchae nyametskuyu movu.
He learns German.
My vyvuchaem frantsuzskuyu movu.
We learn French.
Vy vyvuchaetse іtal’yanskuyu movu.
You all learn Italian.
Yany vyvuchayuts’ ruskuyu movu.
They learn Russian.
Vyvuchats’ movy tsіkava.
Learning languages is interesting.
My khocham razumets’ lyudzey.
We want to understand people.
My khocham razmaulyats’ z lyudz’mі.
We want to speak with people.