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Countries and Languages (Kraіny і movy)

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Dzhon z Londana.
John is from London.
Londan znakhodzіtstsa u Vyalіkabrytanіі.
London is in Great Britain.
Yon razmaulyaye pa-anglіysku.
He speaks English.
Maryya z Madryda.
Maria is from Madrid.
Madryd znakhodzіtstsa u Іspanіі.
Madrid is in Spain.
Yana razmaulyaye na іspanskay move.
She speaks Spanish.
Peter і Marta z Berlіna.
Peter and Martha are from Berlin.
Berlіn znakhodzіtstsa u Germanіі.
Berlin is in Germany.
Vy aboe razmaulyayetse pa-nyametsku?
Do both of you speak German?
Londan geta stalіtsa.
London is a capital city.
Madryd і Berlіn taksama stalіtsy.
Madrid and Berlin are also capital cities.
Stalіtsy vyalіkіya і shumnyya.
Capital cities are big and noisy.
Frantsyya znakhodzіtstsa u Europe.
France is in Europe.
Egіpet znakhodzіtstsa u Afrytsy.
Egypt is in Africa.
Yaponіya znakhodzіtstsa u Azіі.
Japan is in Asia.
Kanada znakhodzіtstsa u Paunochnay Amerytsy.
Canada is in North America.
Panama znakhodzіtstsa u Tsentral’nay Amerytsy.
Panama is in Central America.
Brazіlіya znakhodzіtstsa u Paudnevay Amerytsy.
Brazil is in South America.