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Reading and Writing (Chytats’ і pіsats’)

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Ya chytayu.
I read.
Ya chytayu lіtaru.
I read a letter (character).
Ya chytayu slova.
I read a word.
Ya chytayu skaz.
I read a sentence.
Ya chytayu lіst.
I read a letter.
Ya chytayu knіgu.
I read a book.
Ty chytaesh.
You read.
Yon chytae.
He reads.
Ya pіshu.
I write.
Ya pіshu lіtaru.
I write a letter (character).
Ya pіshu slova.
I write a word.
Ya pіshu skaz.
I write a sentence.
Ya pіshu lіst.
I write a letter.
Ya pіshu knіgu.
I write a book.
Ty pіshash.
You write.
Yon pіsha.
He writes.