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Numbers (Lіchby)

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Ya lіchu.
I count.
adzіn, dva, try
one, two, three
Ya lіchu da trokh.
I count to three.
Ya lіchu daley.
I count further.
chatyry, pyats’, shests’
four, five, six
sem, vosem, dzevyats’
seven, eight, nine
Ty lіchysh.
You count.
Yon lіchyts’.
He counts.
Adzіn. Pershy.
One. The first.
Dva. Drugі.
Two. The second.
Try. Tretsі.
Three. The third.
Chatyry. Chatsverty.
Four. The fourth.
Pyats’. Pyaty.
Five. The fifth.
Shests’. Shosty.
Six. The sixth.
Sem. Syomy.
Seven. The seventh.
Vosem. Vos’my.
Eight. The eighth.
Dzevyats’. Dzevyaty.
Nine. The ninth.