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Maa caauv jaux.
Mother cooks eggs.
Caauv ziangx jaux, Gauv hiuz hnaangx.
After cooking eggs, Gauv scoops rice.
Hiuz ziangx hnaangx, Gauv nyanc hnaangx caux jaux.
After getting the rice, Gauv eats rice with egg.
Maa yaac nyanc hnaangx caux jaux.
Mother also eats rice with egg.
Dae yaac gan jienv maa caux Gauv nyanc jaux.
Father also eats egg with mother and Gauv.
Ong maiv oix nyanc jaux.
Grandfather does not want to eat eggs.
Gux yaac maiv nyanc jaux.
Grandmother also does not want to eat eggs.
Ong caux gux oix nyanc lai.
Grandfather and grandmother want to eat vegetables.
Ong caux gux zouv lai nyanc.
Grandfather and grandmother cook vegetables.
Meix caux Eix maiv oix nyanc lai.
Meix and Eix do not want to eat vegetables.
Meix caux Eix oix nyanc orv.
Meix and Eix want to eat meat.
Meix caux Eix caauv orv.
Meix and Eix fry meat.
Ih hnoi naaic mbuo Mienh nyei jaapc hmz hnyangx feix hlaax ziepc betv.
Today is the Mien "Jaapc Hmz" year, April 18th.
Njang hnoi naaic Gauv nyei cuotv seix hnoi.
Tomorrow is Gauv's birthday.
Aqc hnoi Gauv gan ninh nyei doic nyei maa maaiz duqv norm jae.
Yesterday, Gauv bought a chicken from his friend's mother.
Njang hnoi ndorm Gauv oix mingh mbaatc mbiauz.
Tomorrow Gauv wants to go fishing.
Gauv oix maaih deix mbiauz daaih caux jae bun kaeqv mienh nyanc.
Gauv wants to have some fish and chicken for the guests to eat.