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acamo woko
I have already eaten
pe ipar
don't mind
an bene
also me
Abedo lapwony.
I am a teacher
Pe abedo lapwony.
I am not a teacher.
Acamo ringo.
I eat meat.
Pe acamo ringo.
I don’t eat meat.
Icamo cam me otyeno.
You ate supper (yesterday).
Pe icamo cam me otyeno.
You didn't eat supper (yesterday).
Pe iciti
don't go.
pe icam
don’t eat.
Mama, meda kong kwon.
Mum add for me some bread.
Ber gam.
Ok here it is.
Dek mit tutwal!
The food is tasty.
Apwoyo tedo.
Thank you for cooking.
An bene apwoyo cammo ne.
Ok. Thank you for eating.