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traditional doctor
Yat tekwaro
to swallow
Kur manok
wait a bit
to continue
Wire pa wic
Yweyo manok
to rest a bit
Ka imito neno en , bin diki.
If you want to see him, come tomorrow.
Ka en ngeyo ngwec ki gari/lela, en rome cito ki eni.
If he knows how to ride a bicycle, he may take this.
Ka onongo atye ki cente, onongo awillo mutoka.
If I had money, I would buy a car.
Ka imaro dyang , wil do.
If you like cows, buy them.
Ka onongo abedo James, onongo acito London.
If I were James, I would go to London.
Ka en obino, en myero ocit i cuk ka wilo cam.
If/when he comes, he should go to buy food in the market.
latin ma obino
The child who came (today)
Coo ma ocamo.
The men who have eaten.
Winyo ma yeje tye.
The bird which has feathers.
nen twero
be visible be able
be possible
nen calo iol.
it appears you are tired.
cak okir.
the milk has been split