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Man Mary. En obedo larema.
Ths is mary she is my friend.
Apwoyo nenne.
Thanks I am glad to see her.
Mary, man David en bene larema.
Mary, this is David he is my friend too
Apwoyo nenne.
Thanks I am glad to see him.
An nyinga Mary. Inkono?
I am Mary. Who are you?
lwonga ni David.
I am david.
iya yom me nenni.
I am glad to see you.
iya yom loyi woko.
I am most delighted.
Iaa ki kwene?
Where are you from?
Aaa ki i Anaka i Amuru.
I come from Anaka in Amuru.
An aa ki Awach i Gulu.
I am from Awach in Gulu.
Ibedo kwene?
Where do you live ?
Abedo i Gulu taun.
I live in Gulu town.
Aa ki Gulu. In kono?
I come from Gulu. And you?
Aa ki Kitgum
I come from Kitgum.