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I don't understand
Ano, rozumiem
Yes, I understand
Este raz prosim!
One more time please!
Pomaly, prosim
Slowly, please.
Co znamena...?
What does...mean?
Nehovorim dobre po slovensky
I don't speak good Slovak
Prepacte, hovorim len trosku po slovensky.
Sorry, I only speak a little Slovak
Hovori tu niekdo po anglicky?
Does anyone here speak English?
Co ste povedali?
What did they said?
Povedal som, ze...
I said that...
Ako sa povie...po slovensky?
How do you say...in Slovak?
To sa vola...
That is called...
Mozete to napisat...
Can you write that down...
Ako sa to pise?
How do you write that?