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a bataata
he is tired
a feeyaata
it is easy
a buluuta
it is blue
a fankata
he is rich
a dooyaata
it is small
a diinonta
it is deep
a fatiyaata
he is brave
a dibita
it is dark
a finta
it is black
a fooyaata
it is soft
a jaŋayaata
it is high, tall, long
a koleyaata
it is difficult
a soobeeyaata
he is sincere
a tilinta
he is straight, upright, faithful
to run
to walk
to send
a jankuta
it is clean, holy
a moota
it is ripe
a lamfuta
he is weak
a jawuyaata
it is bad
a wuleeta
it is red
a warata
it is big, great