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alike or the same
diverse or consisting of different parts
shared experiences, characteristics, and activities of a group of people with a common heritage
folk/ethnic Culture
usually practiced by small, homogenous groups in isolated, rural areas
pop culture
practiced by different, heterogeneous groups and is diffused over large areas
restriction against a certain behavior because of social customs
the blending of two or more cultures
adapting to a new culture while losing nearly all of one's original culture
adapting to a new culture while keeping some or most of your original culture
built environment
human-made spaces where people live, work and relax
sequent occupance
when different cultural groups replace each other in the same space over time
material culture
physical or tangible aspects of a culture, such as architecture or artifacts
an object with cultural significance
non-material culture
non-physical aspects of a culture, such as beliefs or behaviors
cultural divergence
the tendency of a group to disassociate from other cultures, typically to preserve all or some aspects of their own
cultural convergence
the mutual influence of cultures as they interact with one another
identification of a group based on physical characteristics or genetic heritage, typically thought of as skin color
identity of a group of people who share cultural traditions from a particular homeland or hearth
ethnic clustering
concentration of a particular ethnicity at local, regional, or state scales
a small area with a very high concentration of a particular ethnic group
belief in the superiority of one's culture to the point that other cultures are based on one's own culture
cultural relativism
the idea of understanding cultures on their own terms rather than based on one's own culture