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I am
mina olen
you are
sina oled
he is
(meessoost) tema on
she is
(naissoost) tema on
it is
see on
we are
meie oleme
you are
teie olete
they are
nemad on
am I
kas mina olen
are you
kas sina oled
is he
kas (meessoost) tema on
is she
kas (naissoost) tema on
is it
kas see on
are we
kas meie oleme
are you
kas teie olete
are they
kas nemad on
I'm not
ma ei ole
you aren't
sina ei ole
he isn't
(meessoost) tema ei ole
she isn't
(naissoost) tema ei ole
it isn't
see ei ole
we aren't
meie ei ole
you aren't
teie ei ole
they aren't
nemad ei ole