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Past Tense (Declarative)

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Mo jẹun
I ate
Mo rà
I bought
O fọ aṣọ
He washed clothes
Wọ́n jó
They danced
A fẹ́
We wanted
O gbà
You agreed
Emi ni
It was me
Emi ni mo ṣe
It was me that did it
Emi ni mo je
It was me that ate it
Iwọ lo ṣe
It was you that did it
Mo ti kawe
I have read the book
Mi o ti kawe
I have not read the book
Mo ti kawe yen
I have read this book
Mi o ti kawe yen
I have not read this book
A ti ṣe
We have done it
A o ti ṣe
We have not done it