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Mò ń...
I am...
Ò n...
He/she/you are...
A n...
We are...
Ẹ̀yin ń...
You all are..
Wọ́n ń...
They are...
wọn ń ta iṣu
They are selling yam
Mo ń jẹ búrẹ́di
I am eating bread
Bádé ń ka ìwé
Bade is reading a book
À ń fọ
We are washing
Ẹ̀yin ń jẹ ẹyin
You all are eating eggs
Ò ń sùn
She/He/It is sleeping
Emi ni mo gbalẹ l'oni
I am sweeping the floor today
Emi kọ ni mo gbale l'oni
I am not sweeping the floor today
O wa n bẹ
It is there
Ko si n bẹ
It is not there
Ko si nkan nkan
There is nothing
Nkan wa
There is something
Ko si nkan ti mo fẹ
There is nothing that I want
Ko si nkan ti mo le ṣe
There is nothing I can do
Ko si nkan ti lo ṣe
There is nothing you can do
Mo le
I can
Mi o le
I can't
Mo le ṣe
I can do it
A le ṣe
We can do it
Mi o le ṣe
I can't do it
A o le ṣe
We can't do it
O o le ṣe
You can't do it
Ko le ṣe
He/she/it can't do it
Won o le ṣe
They can't do it
Mo le jeun
I can eat
Mi o le jeun
I can't eat
Mo le fo
I can jump
Mi o le fo
I can't jump
Mo le wo aso yen
I can wear that piece of clothing
Mo ma n fọ'bo
I usually wash the dishes (pronunciation)
Mi o kin fọ'bo
I don't usually wash the dishes (pronunciation)
Mo ma n gbale
I usually sweep the floor
Mi o kin gbale
I don't usually sweep the floor