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op den Trottoir m
on the pavement
op d´Strooss w
on the street
op d´Autobunn w
on the motorway
op d´Plage w
on the beach
op d´Toilette w
to the toilette
op de Findel m
to the Findel
op d´Gare w
to the trainstation
op de Bus m
on the bus
op den Hafen m
on the port
op d´Universitéit w
to the University
op d´Gemeng w
to the town hall
op d´Bank w
to the bank
op d´Post w
to the post office
op de Concert m
to the concert
op de Match m
to the match
op den Terrain m
to the pitch
op de Mound m
to the moon
op de Mars m
to Mars
op Blackpool
to Blackpool
op Tokyo
to Tokyo
an de Bësch m
to the wood
an d´Buergen
to the mountains
an d´Sonn w
in the sun
an de Buttek m
to the boutique
an d´Geschäft s
to the shop
an den Aldi m
to Aldi
an de Cactus m
to Cactus
an d´Schoul w
to school
an de Restaurant m
to the restaurant
an d´Disco w
to the club
an de Ballet m
to the ballet
an d´Kichen w
to the Kitchen
an de Café m
to the coffee shop
an den Theater m
to the theatre
an de Kino m
to the cinema
an de Cabaret m
to the cabaret
an d´Klass w
to the class
an d´Gebai s
to the building
an d´Dusch w
to the shower
an d´Bidden w
to the bath
an d´Piscine w
to the swimming pool
an d´Mier s
to the sea
an de Séi m
to the lake
an d´Stad w
to town
an d´Duerf s
to the villiage
an England
to England
an de Vietnam
to Vietnam
an d´Belsch
to Belgium
op d´Schueberfouer w
to the schuerber fest
bei den Dokter
to the doctor