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to face the facts
accept the reality and truth of sth
to head a group
to lead a group
to foot sth
to take responsibility for payment of sth
to have an eye for sth
to have a talent to know sth
to shoulder the blame
to take responsibility that went wrong
to be in over your head
to have too much responsibility, or sth that is difficult for you
has an eye for
He ____________ buying the right companies at the right time. That's why he's so rich.
you need to face the facts
I'm sorry. _____________________. If you don't start working harder, you won't get a promotion.
heads our team
Who ____________ in Bangalore? Is it Mr. Shah? He is a great manager!
shouldered the blame
She's a brave person. She ________________ when everything fell apart. It takes a strong person to take responsibility like that.
footing the bill
You're lucky your company is ____________ for this fancy hotel. It would have cost a fortune to pay for it yourself. My company put me in a hostel.
an eye for
You really have ____________ selecting the right fabrics. No wonder you're such a successful designer!
in over my head
Unfortunately, I'm ____________ in this new job. I better catch on fast or I'll be fired!
face the facts
When you __________________, you'll find the strength to shut this business down and start over.
shoulder the blame
After the storm, the mayor refused to ____________ for the huge delay in restoring electricity to thousands of residents.
have an eye for
They really ____________ investing in real estate projects. I suppose that's what has made them billionaire.