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We set .......... the Amsterdam office 6 years ago.
We have decided to take .......... his offer.
We have decided to invest .......... computer shares.
We are not interested .......... your problems.
In Spain, we are working .......... a local company.
I am quite happy to listen .......... what you have to say.
We know all .......... your other job offer.
There is absolutely no way we can make a deal .......... them.
We're delighted ........... what you have done.
As people have left the company, I've had to take .......... more and more work.
out of / into
He made his escape by jumping ______ a window and jumping ______ a waiting car.
up / along
To get to the Marketing department, you have to go ______ those stairs and then ______ the corridor to the end.
I saw something about it ______ television.
through / in
I couldn't get in ______ the door so I had to climb ______ a window.
out of / in
She took the key ______ her pocket and put it ________ the lock.
past / towards
He drove ______ me without stopping and drove off ______ the centre of town.
out of / in
I took the old card ______ the computer and put ______ the new one.
up to / out of
I went ______ him and asked him the best way to get ______ town.
under / around
It's unlucky to walk ______ a ladder in my culture. I always walk ______ them.
in / next to
The restaurant is ______ the High Street, ______ the cinema.
Sally left school ______ the age of 16 and went to work in a bank.
over / into
He jumped ______ the wall and ______ the garden.
at / into
He was driving ______ 180 miles per hour when he crashed ______ the central barrier.
along / up
She ran ______ the corridor and ______ the stairs to the second floor.
beside / next to
John is the person standing ______ the window, ______ the woman with the long blonde hair.
towards / over
When the bull ran ______ me, I jumped ______ the fence.
Look, that car's ______ fire.
between / into
He saw a parking space ______ two cars and drove ______ it.
by / on
Harry comes to work ______ car but I prefer to come ______ foot.
from / into
He took the book ______ the shelf and put it ______ his bag.