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v. to agree without protest, accept without argument or resistance, give in quietly
v. to speak in a pompous and overbearing way, make pretentious or categorical statements, express one's opinion as though it were an official, authoritative decree
adj. harmful, destructive, injurious, detrimental; especially, harmful to health or well-being
adj. uncertain, indecisive, having conflicting feelings or desires, simultaneously drawn in opposite directions, attracted to and repulsed by something at the same time
adj. thoughtful, absorbed in thought, especially in a deep, dreamy, or melancholy way
adj. made up or done on the spur of the moment, uttered or performed without preparation, improvised for the occasion
v. to guess; especially, to make an educated guess; to form an opinion or make a judgment based on insufficient evidence
adj. stealthy, characterized by secrecy and caution; done, made, obtained, or enjoyed in a secret and often sly or shifty manner, so as to avoid notice
adj. worthy of imitation, praiseworthy, commendable, serving as a model of excellence, appropriateness, or correctness
adj. perfect, faultless, flawless; free from faults or imperfections; also, unable to do wrong, incapable of sin