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Singular noun endings (one by one, part 2)

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vocative (singular, I)
-i (singular, I)
nominative, vocative (singular, II)
-i (singular, II)
nominative, instrumental, vocative (singular, II)
-ia (singular, II)
dative (singular, II)
-iai (singular, II)
dative (singular, III)
-iai (singular, III)
nominative (singular, I)
-ias (singular, I)
vocative (singular, IV)
-iau (singular, IV)
genitive (singular, IV)
-iaus (singular, IV)
vocative (singular, III)
-ie (singular, III)
genitive (singular, III)
-ies (singular, III)
instrumental (singular, III)
-imi (singular, III)
genitive (singular, I)
-io (singular, I)
locative (singular, II)
-ioje (singular, II)
genitive (singular, II)
-ios (singular, II)
nominative (singular, I)
-is (singular, I)
nominative (singular, III)
-is (singular, III)
instrumental (singular, I)
-iu (singular, I)
dative (singular, I)
-iui (singular, I)
dative (singular, III)
-iui (singular, III)
dative (singular, IV)
-iui (singular, IV)
locative (singular, IV)
-iuje (singular, IV)
instrumental (singular, IV)
-iumi (singular, IV)
nominative (singular, IV)
-ius (singular, IV)
accusative (singular, I)
-ią (singular, I)
accusative (singular, II)
-ią (singular, II)
accusative (singular, IV)
-ių (singular, IV)