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eto sara ikse
I eat ixe / I ate ixe / I will eat ixe
ino mo sue oRaso
You used to drink Rust
pili osano fo eto
I have a small “bike”
ino fwe nja sue oRaso tse eto
You can drink Rust with me late
gongo osano fo uSsunda
The big bike belongs to Ssunda
pili osano no ino
You need a small “bike”
sue oRaso pili do eto
I want to drink a little Rust.
uSsunda mo nja njendo osano
Ssunda used to be able to fix “bikes.”
ni osano no eto
I need a different “bike.”
eto sife fo uSsunda
I am to the left of Ssunda
eto fwe yufu tse ino
will speak with you later
uSsunda mo safu fo osano
Ssunda used to be in front of the “bike.
ino nja fwe njendo osano gongo
You can fix the big “bike” later
eto nzafwe sue oRaso
I’m going to drink Rust very soon
eto se yufu tse uSsunda
I just spoke with Ssunda
cho sue oRaso
The Rust should be drunk
ino nzafwe njendo osano do eto
I want you to fix the “bike” very soon
oRaso ó
There’s no Rust
ikse fo ino
You have the ixe
cho nzafwe jao osatabo cho ino
You must throw the sataball very soon
ino fwe nja daki jao osatabo fo eto
You can try to throw my sataball later
eto sara ikse sita
I ate ixe last shift
eto se daki yufu tse ino sita
I just tried to speak with you last shift
gongo osano se daki jao eto
The big “bike” just tried to throw me
eto nja sue oRaso gongo ni
It is not the case that I can drink a lot of Rust
ino yufu fo uSsunda fwe no eto
I’ll need you to talk about Ssunda later
ino nzafwe nja njendo osano pili no eto
I need you to be able to fix the small “bike” pronto
uSsunda yufu tse eto fo buyu nyo ino sita ni
Ssunda did NOT speak with me about helping you next shift