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ana berkod
I run
3am berkod
I am running
3am terkod
you are running (singular)
3am yerkod
he is running
3am terkod
she is running
3am nerkod
we are running
3am terekdo
you are running (plural)
3am yerekdo
they are running
3am nekol banadoura
we are eating tomato
3am yochrabo 3asir el teffe7
they are drinking apple juice
ana 3etchan
I am thirsty
enta 3etchan
you are thirsty (singular)
houwwé 3etchan
he is thristy
hiyyé 3etchané
she is thirsty
ne7na 3etchanin
we are thirsty
ento 3etchanin
you are thirsty (plural)
henné 3etchanin
they are thirsty
3am betrawwa2
I am taking breakfast
3am tetghadda
you are taking lunch
3am tet3acha
she is having dinner
3am nochrab nbid barra
we are drinking wine outside
chou 3am ta3mol?
what are you doing? (singular)
balké nekol pizza lyom
maybe we eat pizza today
la wen ray7in?
where are we going to?
ana raye7 jeles ta chouf el kaleb
I am going straight to see the dog
Hiyyé ray7a 3a Paris
she is going to Paris
enta lezem terte7
you need to rest
akid lezem tnem
of course she needs to sleep
my dog
your dog (singular)
his dog
her dog
our dog
your dog (plural)
their dog