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surrounding countryside
From my room I look out over the [vùng nông thôn ngoại vi]
familiar landscape
It's very different from the [khung cảnh thân quen] I see from the windows at home
gentle landscape/open fields
At home it's a [khung cảnh thanh bình] with [những cánh đồng bát ngát]
bleak landscape/rocky mountains
Here it's a [khung cảnh ảm đạm] with [những dãy núi đá] in the distance
follow a path
Yesterday we [men theo]ed down to the lake
turn a corner/catch a glimpse of
As we [rẽ ngoặt]ed, we [thoáng thấy] a kingfisher standing in the water
take a picture/catch sight of
John tried to [chụp ảnh] of the fish but it [chợt thấy]ed us and flew off
round a bend/come into view
A little further on we [rẽ cong]ed and St John's Abbey [lọt vào tầm mắt]ed
fall into ruin
The Abbey [đổ nát]ed about three hundred years ago
lie in ruin/well worth seeing
Although the Abbey [còn lại tàn tích]s, it is [rất đáng xem]
dramatic setting/steep slope/fast-flowing river/mountains towering
The Abbey stands in a [khung cảnh ấn tượng] on a [cái dốc lớn] beside a [con sông chảy xiết] with [những ngọn núi đứng cao ngất] above it
unspoilt countryside/dense forest
The cottage is in some wonderful [vùng nông thôn nguyên sơ] on the edge of a [khu rừng rậm]
block the view/snow-covered mountains
The trees [chắn tầm nhìn] of the [những ngọn núi tuyết phủ]
The stream [uốn lượn]s through the forest
destroy the countryside/protect the environment
A timber factory would [phá hủy vùng quê] and the campaign to [bảo vệ môi trường] succeeded
uninterrupted view
From most rooms there are [quang cảnh ko bị gián đoạn]s of the castle
panoramic view
From the top floor restaurant diners have a [quang cảnh rộng mở] of the countryside
spectacular view
From the balcony there is a [quang cảnh hùng vĩ] of the mountains
admire the view
We stopped for a few munites to [thưởng ngoạn phong cảnh]
breathtaking scenery
The area has some [phong cảnh hấp dẫn ngoạn mục]-mountains, cliffs, lakes.
dominate the landscape
The castle [bao quát phong cảnh]s for miles around
A beautiful beach [trải dài]es for miles along the coast
sandy beach
The hotel has its own [bãi biển cát]
secluded beach
You'll love the [bãi biển vắng]
golden sands
You can wander for miles along the [bãi cát vàng]
hustle and bustle/tranquil countryside
You can quickly go from the [sự ồn ào và nhộn nhịp] of the town to the [vùng nông thôn yên bình]