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short-let accommodation/studio flats
[Chỗ ở ngắn hạn] available near university. Rooms and [nhiều phòng khép kín]
move into/suitable accommodation
Are you looking to [chuyển đến] a flat or house. The Harmer Agency has a wide range of [nơi ở phù hợp]
newly-built apartment/fully-fitted kitchen/off-road parking
[Căn hộ mới xây] available soon. Spacious accommodation, [căn bếp tiện nghi]. [Có chỗ đỗ xe riêng]. Would suit single academic or mature student
fully furnished flat
[Căn hộ được trang bị đầy đủ] available to rent from 1st September
four-storey house
Luke and I have just moved into big old [căn nhà 4 tầng]
spacious living room/cosy study
Our house has got a [phòng khách rộng rãi] which has a wonderful view of the park, and a [phòng làm việc thoải mái] where we can both work
light airy bedrooms
There are some lovely [phòng ngủ thoáng mát và sáng sủa] which overlook the garden
basement flat/granny flat
There is a separate [căn hộ tầng hầm], which we might turn into a [căn hộ biệt lập tiện nghi và yên tĩnh dành cho người già] for my mother
add an extension
If we want to [cơi nới thêm phòng] there is a room for that too
completely refurbished/do up
It needs to be [tân trang lại hoàn toàn], but Luke and I have always wanted to [sơn sửa lại] an old house
move out of
I'd love to [chuyển khỏi] my awful one-room flat
dilapidated building
It's in such a [tòa nhà đổ nát, ọp ẹp]
draughty hall/chilly corridor/cramped room
You go into a [đại sảnh gió lùa], down a [hành lang lạnh lẽo] and into this really [căn phòng chật hẹp, tù túng]
house-warming party
I hope you to invite me to your [tiệc mừng tân gia]
leave home
She [rời nhà]ed to go to university, but moving away form her family made her feel homesick
make yourself at home
Come in and [cứ tự nhiên như ở nhà] while I finish getting dinner early
feel at home
I haven't lived in Oxford for long but I already [thấy như ở nhà] there
second home
I'd like to buy a [nhà nghỉ cuối tuần] near the coast