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come out/review
When a new book or film [ra mắt]s, newspapers will [đánh giá] it
book reviewer/book review/film critic/film review
The [nhà phê bình sách] will give the [lời đánh giá sách] while the [nhà phê bình phim] will give the [lời đánh giá phim]
based on a true story
That novel/film is [dựa trên chuyện có thật]
opening/closing scene/opening/closing chapter
We talk about the [cảnh bắt đầu/kết thúc] of a film and the [chương bắt đầu/kết thúc] of a book
We talk about the [bắt đầu] and the [kết thúc] of a film/book
central character/happy ending
If everything works out well for the [nhân vật chính], we say the the book/film has a [kết thúc có hậu]
recommend/highly recommended
You may [giới thiệu] a book/film to a friend. If a lot of people have enjoyed it, it is [được đặc biệt giới thiệu]
go on the stage/produce a film
I've never had any desire to [trở thành diễn viên] myself but I'd love to [sản xuất 1 bộ phim]
historical drama/big screen
I think [phim lịch sử] work particularly well on the [màn ảnh lớn
special effects
There are plenty of oppotunities to use [các hiệu ứng đặc biệt] during battle scenes
male lead/female lead
I'd want the [nam chính] to be played by Hugh Grant while Nicole Kidman could have the [nữ chính]
play a role of/cameo role
Sean Penn could [đóng vai] Viking warrior and Judi Dench to take on a [vai khách mời]
give an excellent performance
I'm sure that she would [cho thấy một màn diễn xuất xuất sắc]
nominated for
My dream is to make a film that would be [được đề cử cho] an Oscar
box-office hit/full houses
I'd also like my film to be an immediate [cú thành công lớn], playing to [kín phòng vé] worldwide
cast a film
select the actor for a film
engrossed/absorbed in the book
Sal was so [mải mê/miệt mài vào quyển sách] that she didn't hear me
compulsive reading
Many people find articles about the private lives of film stars [so interesting that you can't stop reading]
bedtime reading
I don't think a horror story makes good [đọc sách đêm khuya]
detective stories/easy read
[Truyện trinh thám] are good for train journeys as they are an [dễ đọc]
return the library book
You should [trả lại sách thư viện] tomorrow
flick/skim through the book
Mona [xem qua/lướt qua cuốn sách] without reading it in detail
beautifully written
The book is [được viết rất đẹp] - I highly recommend
If a critic [phê phán] a book/film, he say negative things about it