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background music
If you're looking for [nhạc nền nhẹ nhàng], then this is not for you
blast out from/debut album/live performance
If you want music to [làm nổ tung từ] your hifi and anoy the neighbours, then Boom's [album ra mắt], with tracks from their [màn nhạc sống] at the Delaya Stadium, may be just what you want
easy listening/catchy tunes
For fans of [dễ nghe] and [những giai điệu dễ thuộc], this is all you need
give a sentimental performance
MacRoy [cho một màn trình diễn ủy mị tình cảm]s of these old love song
pop idol/adoring fans
At 47, MacRoy is not exactly a [thần tượng nhạc pop] but his [những người hâm mộ tha thiết] will love it
haunting melodies/virtuoso performance
[Những giai điệu ám ảnh ko thể quên] and occasional [màn trình diễn đầy kỹ thuật] from its two soloist mark thish collection of popular British classical music
capture a wider audience/musical heritage
British classical music aims to [chiếm lòng người nghe] for the classics and to promote Britain's [di sản âm nhạc]
conduct the orchestra
Roger Crow [điều khiển dàn giao hưởng]s
Crow himself [sáng tác]ed two of the [bản nhạc], hence the CD title
music lover
If you are real clasical [người yêu nhạc], save your money
go solo
Jola used to be with Chicago hip-hop band Frenzy, but [tách ra diễn riêng]ed in 2004
The band have [phối bản nhạc mới]ed four tracks from ealier albums and Jola's [được chơi nhanh] numbers just add to the excitement
strum a guitar
I saw Martin [gõ bập bùng đàn guitar]ing the other day. I didn't know he could play
musical talent
Martin has got no [tài năng âm nhạc] whatsoever
take up the guitar
I've [tập đánh guitar]en. I've had 3 lessons so far
tuning the instrument
Well, the first week was all abour [chỉnh âm]