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go online
How do I [truy cập trực tuyến]
connect to the Internet
You're already [kết nối vào internet]ed
send email
Do you want to [gửi thư điện tử]ed?
browse the web
I just want to [duyệt web] for a while
search engine/enter the web address
You just open the [công cụ tìm kiếm] or [nhập địa chỉ trang weh] and press "enter"
I can't [truy cập vào] my company's [trang web]. Can you help?
put in
Have you [nhập] the correct adress?
reply to the email
How can I [hồi đáp thư điện tử]?
compose the message
Just hit "reply" then [soạn nội dung thư], then press "send"
forward the message
Can I [chuyển tiếp nội dung thư] to myself at my home address?
email will bounce
Make sure you enter the right address, or the [email will come back]
print out
Let me know if you would like a hard copy of your email and I'll show you how to [in ra] your work
download the picture
What do I do if I want to [tải bức ảnh xuống]?
save it to a disk
You have to [lưu nó vào đĩa]
send an attachment
Can I [gửi một tập tin đính kèm] with this email?
access information
On the web you can [tiếp cận thông tin] on any subject you want to
navigate websites
Good web design is making it easier to [find your way round]
maintain the web pages/up-to-date
People are [bảo trì các trang web]ing better, so information is kept [cập nhật]
broadband connection/online shopping
[Kết nối băng thông rộng] are widely available now. This makes [mua hàng trực tuyến] much easier.
burning a CD/back up
[Ghi vào đĩa] is quick and easy way to [lưu trữ] your work
hold records on computer
Being able to [giữ các bản ghi trên máy tính] makes it much easier for businesses to keep track of customers and of orders
As well as getting useful emails, you also receive a lot of [junk emails]
hack into
Computer criminals are getting better at [illegally going into other people's computer files]ing other people's computers
Computers still [gặp sự cố] and you have to waste time [cài đặt lại]ing your programs
be down
Whenerver you need to do something really important at work, the computers seem to [not be working]
delete/erase a file
It's very easy to accidentially [get rid of] or [destroy a file]
predictive text
My new mobile is great I love using [chức năng dự đoán từ] now
display images
The screen is small but it [hiển thị các hình ảnh]s brilliantly
ring tones
I've got some fantastic [chuông báo gọi]
record/video clips
I can [ghi] short [những đoạn thu hình] and send them to my friends and I can access my emails on it
great graphics
I 've downloaded some new games with [đồ họa tuyệt vời] on it