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sit/take an exam
I have to [do an exam] in biology at the end of term (2)
carry out/conduct a research project
Our class [do a research project]ed into the history of our school (2)
enrol on/take a course
I decide to [do a course] in computer programming (2)
study for/take a degree
She [do a degree]ed in engineering (2)
study/take a subject
I [do a subject]ed of history and economics in high school (2)
write an essay/assignment
All student have to [do an essay/assignment] at the end of term
give a lecture
Professor Parkinson [do a lecture]ed on American Civil War
obtain/is awarded a diploma
He [get a diploma]ed in Town Planning in 1998 (2)
receive/is given
Her essay [get]ed an A-grade (2)
obtain/acquire a qualification
You will need to [get a qualification]ed in social work (2)
receive a basic education
The country is poor, only 27% of children [get a basic education]
attend all the lectures/complete the course
You must [go to all the lectures] to [do the course]
will be held
Next week's class [will be] in room 405
hand in your essays
You have to [give your essays] on Friday
submit your application
You have to [send in your application] by December 1st
withdraw from the course
If you want to [leave the course], you have to go to the College Office
first draft/final draft
I did the [bản thảo đầu tiên] of my essay last week and the [bản thảo cuối cùng] this week
give feedback
The teacher [đưa] us [ý kiến nhận xét] after about a week
continuous assessment
We don't have exams at my school. We have [sự đánh giá liên tục - sử dụng trong hệ course work]
provide training
The local technical college [cung cấp đào tạo]s for young people in a variety of professions
tertiary education/further education course
After secondary school, 30% of the population go on to [chương trình giáo dục cấp 3- cao đẳng, đại học], and 20% of adults do some sort of [chương trình giáo dục cao hơn] during their lives
recognise foreign qualifications
Does your government [công nhận các chứng chỉ nước ngoài] for school teachers?