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go into business
When did you first [bắt đầu kinh doanh]?
set up a small business
I [thành lập một doanh nghiệp nhỏ] selling office supplies in 1989, filing systems, office equipment, that sort of thing
go into partnership
In 1991, I [hợp tác kinh doanh]ed with my old friend, James Britten
make a case for
This chapter [đưa ra lý do cho việc cần phải] re-examining the assassination of President Kenedy in the light of evidence which has emerged since 1963
go under/fold
During the economic recession of the early 1990s, a lot of small businesses were [fail financially]ing, and I thought our business would [close because the failure]
go bankrupt
All around us, small firms were [phá sản]ing
win a contract/stiff competition
In 1994, we [nhận được hợp đồng có lợi]ed, despite [sự cạnh tranh khắc nghiệt], to supply the local government offices, and that was an important moment for us
take on staff
We [bắt đầu tuyển nhân viên]ed and expanded
creat jobs
We were proud that we had [tạo công ăn việc làm]ed for local people at a time when unemployment was high
sales figures/annual turnover
Our [doanh số] improved steadily, and soon we had an [doanh thu hàng năm] of more than ten million pounds.
carry out market research/launch a new product
We always [thực hiện nghiên cứu thị trường] before [giới thiệu một sản phẩm mới]ing
set a high value on customer service/after-sale service
We [nâng cao dịch vụ khách hàng], especially [dịch vụ hậu mãi]
running a successful business
At the end of the day, [vận hành một công việc kinh doanh thành công] is a combination of hard work, lick and intuition
float the company
There are rumours that you may [chào bán một phần cổ phiếu công ty] on the stock market
go public
At the moment, we have no intention of [trở thành đại chúng]ing, and people shouldn't believe everything they read in the newspapers
cease trading
Owing to the economic crisis, many small firms [close their business]
cut-throat competition
There is [very severe competition] in the music industry these days
market forces
[Cơ chế cạnh tranh thị trường] have caused many factories to close as businesses move overseas
go out of business
Our local dressmaker has [ngừng kinh doanh]ed because people buy ready-made clothes these days
brisk business
Her clothes boutique is doing [sự kinh doanh phát đạt] since the shopping centre was renovated
Business is booming
[Business is doing extremely well] for Internet-based travel companies as more people book travel online
resign/rival company
She [từ chức]ed and went to work for a [công ty đối thủ]
strike a deal
I [do a deal]ed with the car salesman and got a 15% discount for cash
put in a bid
Our company have [offered to do the work for a particular amount of money] for the new leisure centre contract