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travel brochure
I'll get some [sách hướng dẫn du lịch]s today and we can start planning our holiday
on a business trip
John is always [đi công tác] all week
overnight journey
It's a rather difficult [chuyến đi đêm] to the mountains but it's well worth it
travel agent
I prefer to arrange my holidays myself rather than use a [đại lý du lịch]
day trip
On Saturday we went on a [chuyến đi trong ngày] to an interesting old castle
Was it a tiring [chuyến bay] from Seoul to Los Angeles?
camping trip
On summer weekends we often used to go on [đi cắm trại]ị]...
business travel
Do you use a special firm to arrange [chuyến du lịch cho thương nhân] for your staff?
travel arrangement
Do you make your own [sắp xếp chuyến đi]s or does your secretary do it all?
safe journey
I hope your flight is on time tomorrow. [Chúc chuyến đi an toàn]
fully furnished flat
[Căn hộ được trang bị đầy đủ] available to rent from 1st September
aisle seat/window seat
As I've got long legs, I usually ask for an [ghế giữa lối đi] on a long flight, but on the flight to New York I had a [ghế gần cửa sổ] and I got a great view.
connecting flight
We're only scheduled to have about half an hour in Dubai, so I hope we don't miss our [chuyến bay nối chuyến]
in-flight entertainment
They seem to have much better [thứ giải trí trên máy bay] on that airline;they have the lastest film and you can play video games.
fasten the seatbelts/take-off/landing
Passengers must [thắt dây an toàn] before [cất cánh] or [hạ cánh]
Passengers with seats in row 1 to 25 are now invited to [ra cửa] the plane
The hotel was rather [xuống cấp] and we were very disappointed
luxury hotel/budget accommodation
You can spend a lot of money and stay in a [khách sạn sang] or you can look for a [nơi ở rẻ]
in-flight magazine
The [tạp chí máy bay] includes maps and information about major airports
Domestic flights/International flights
[Chuyến bay nội địa] are often more expensive than [chuyến bay quốc tế]
charter flight/scheduled flight
We managed to get [máy bay thuê]; it was half the price of the [máy bay hãng]
smooth flight/bumpy flight
The weather en route is fine, and we anticipate a [chuyến bay thuận lợi] to Stockholm today # [chuyến bay rất xốc]
family-run hotel
We stayed in a small [khách sạn gia đình]
return journey/outward journey
I hope my [chuyến đi khứ hồi] is better # [chuyến đi 1 chiều]