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groundbreaking research
In 1998, Lucas published the results of his [nghiên cứu đột phá] on genetics
make a significant contribution
Lucas 's lastest paper also [đóng góp có ý nghĩa]s to the field
set out/powerful arguments/shape our thinking
Lucas [đưa ra]s some [những lập luận mạnh mẽ, thuyết phục] which will [ảnh hưởng đến suy nghĩ của chúng ta] for years to come
give an account of/provide evidence/support the claim
In this lastest book, Marina Kass [trình bày câu chuyện về người nào đó]s Karl Marx's philosophy and [cung cấp bằng chứng]s to [hỗ trợ cho luận điệu] that Garpov seriously misinterpreted Marx
concise summary
The book offers a [bản tóm lược súc tích] of the present state of Marxist philosophy
strenuously defend/come under attack
Partridge [bảo vệ kịch liệt]s her theory, which has [bị tấn công] recently in several journals
key factor
The invention of the steam engine was the [yếu tố quan trọng] in the birth of the industrial revolution
perfect example
The events of 1954 are a [ví dụ hoàn hảo] of how political leaders make misjudgements that have serious long-term effects
clear illustration
This is a [ví dụ minh họa rõ ràng] of the importance of a strong monetary policy
tentative explanation
The figures offer a [sự giải thích không chắc chắn/giả thuyết] of the causes of acid rain pollution
broadly support the view
The statistics [hỗ trợ rộng rãi quan điểm] that the economy is heading towards recession
strong tendency
There is a [xu hướng mạnh mẽ] in the work of some linguists to suggest that spoken language is inferior to written language
gather evidence/carry out a detailed study//play a part
We must first [thu thập chứng cứ], then [thực hiện một nghiên cứu chi tiết] of all the factors that [góp phần] in social conditioning
offer supporting evidence
You cannot expect your claim to be accepted if you cannot [đưa ra bằng chứng hỗ trợ]
challenge the theory
Simon Hart [không thừa nhận lý thuyết]es of social change put forward by Professor Kamp
acknowledge your sources/commit plagiarism
It is important in academic writing always to [trích dẫn nguồn thông tin của bạn]. If you fail to do this, you will [phạm lỗi đạo văn]