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Academic writing- structing an argument

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fall into
Adverb in English [rơi vào] two main catelogories: those ending in -ly and those with other ending
draw a distinction between
In this chapter, I [nêu ra một sự phân biệt giữa] societies where democracy has developed slowly and those where it came about quickly or suddenly
take into consideration
We also need to [đưa vào xem xét] the economic history of Latin America as a whole
make reference to
I shall [thực hiện sự tham khảo đến] the work of Georgi, a leading figure in the field of zoology
raise important questions about
Chapter 3 [đề xuất những câu hỏi quan trọng về]s about the need for transport planning in rapidly growing urban environments
touch on issues
Chapter 3 also [đề cập đến các vấn đề]s such as pollution
make a case for
This chapter [đưa ra lý do cho việc cần phải] re-examining the assassination of President Kenedy in the light of evidence which has emerged since 1963
assess the significance
Many studies have attempted to [đánh giá ý nghĩa] of diet in the prevention of cancer
lay emphasis on
Wastov [nhấn mạnh]s examining the vital first three years of a child's development
hold firmly to the belief
Soem economists [giữ vững niềm tin] that a certain level of unemployment is inevitable
draw an analogy between
The book The Eye of the Universe [make a comparison between]s the birth of the universe and a lottery
draw parallels between
The book also [say the similarity of]s the formation of new stars and the birth and death of flowers
present the case for
It [giới thiệu một khả năng cho] complete rethinking of how we understand space
put forward the argument
The author [đưa ra một lý luận]s that the universe is as it is because we humans are here looking at it
take up/adopt the position
The author [thông qua, chấp nhận lập luận]s that the universe cannot have any beginning or end
state his opinion
The author [phát biểu ý kiến của ông]s that we can never understand the universe using the human ideas of time and space
argue convincingly
The author [lập luận thuyết phục]s that the universe has a unique nature
draw attention to new research
The author [rút ra lưu ý đến nghiên cứu mới]s which suggests that other universe may also exist alongside ours
briefly summarise
The author [tóm tắt ngắn gọn]s the views of leading physicists and mathematicians
disagree profoundly with
The author [bất đồng sâu sắc]s some of physicists and mathematicists
draw the conclusion
The author [rút ra kết luận]s that science alone cannot solve the mystery of the universe