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spend some time
I [trải quả một thời gian]ed in South Africa when I was younger
waste time/save time
Don't do it like that. You are [lãng phí thời gian]ing. You will [tiết kiệm thời gian] if you do it like this
tell me the time
Can you [nói tôi mấy giờ rồi không], please? I left my watch at home
free/spare time
What do you like to do in your [thời gian rảnh (2)]?
have time to
I'm sorry. I didn't [có đủ thời gian] do my homework
make time for
The doctor's very busy but he'll try to [dành thời gian cho] you
kill time
We got to the airport very early, so we had meal in the restaurant to [giêt thời gian]
take your time
No need to hurry - you can [thong thả]
right on time
The train left [chính xác giờ]
have a great time
We [có một khoảng thời gian tuyệt vời]ed at the party
time goes by
Your attitude to work may change a bit as [thời gian trôi đi]
past few weeks
The [vài tuần trước] have been really difficult for Tina's two grown-up children.
last-minute things
They are nearly finished but there are lots of [việc cuối cùng] left to do
set the alarm for/alarm goes off
They [đặt đồng hồ lúc] 5 o'clock and get up as soon as the[ báo thức kêu]
from dawn till dusk/the small hours
They work [all day] and indeed sometimes they stay up until [2,3,4 AM]
ungodly hours
Tina can't wait untill they stop working such [unreasonably late or early hours]
early 21st century/prehistoric time
Her son's dessertation is on [đầu thế kỷ 21] fiction while her daughter's is about life in [giai đoạn tiền sử]
take them ages/worth their while
It is [tốn nhiều năm của chúng]ing to complete their work but Tina is sure it will eventually all be [đáng với thời gian chúng bỏ ra]
the not too distant future
She thinks they will both get good academic jobs in [tương lai không quá xa]