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eerie silence/rumble of thunder
At first there was an [sự im lặng lạ lùng], then there was a [tiếng ầm ầm của sấm in the distance
whistle through/waves crashing
Soon the wind was [rít xuyên qua]ing the trees and we could hear the [nhưng con sóng đang đổ sầm] on the beach
babbling stream/birds were singing
It was a lovely place for a picnic. There was a little [con suối róc rách] and [chim đang hót] in the trees
the patter of rain
Then we heard [tiếng tí tách, lộp độp] on the leaves above us
break the silence
No sound [phá vỡ im lặng] of the wintry landscape
two shots rang out/piercing cry
Then suddenly[2 tiếng súng vang lên] and we heard the [tiếng khóc thét] of a dying bird. The hunting season had begun
ear-splitting/deafening sound/noise
We heard the [âm thanh/tiếng ồn thủng tai,điếc tai] of three huge military aircraft passing low over our heads
excessive noise
People who make [tiếng ồn quá mức] after 10 pm are very antisocial
background noise
When you work in a big office, you get used to constant [tiếng ồn nền]
muffled sound
We could hear the [âm thanh bị nghẹt, bị nhiễu bởi tường] of music from the flat above us
shrill voice
Marie has such a [giọng nói chói tai]. I can't listen to her for long
raucous laughter
I could hear [tiếng cười khàn khàn] coming from the party next door
dull thud
The heavy box fell off the shelf on the carpet with a [tiếng thịch nhẹ]
grating noise
The big old iron door made a [tiếng kèn kẹt] as it opened
almighty bang
Suddenly, there was an [tiếng nổ vô cùng lớn], the lights went out and smoked poured from te back of the TV set
I couldn't sleep with the constant [tiếng rồ ga] of the [giao thông] outside my window
blare out
Loud music was [phát ra í éo]ing of the radio in the kitchen
machine hum/whirr
As we talked to the factory owner, the [cái máy kêu rền rền (2)]ed in the background