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51 is an [lẻ] number - 50 is an [chẵn] number
decline in the number of
There has been a recent [sự giảm sút về số lượng] boys joining the army
increase in the number of
The [sự tang lên về số lượng] homeless people is worrying
come to a total of
If we add up all the figures, it [đạt đến tổng số là]s 794
birthday rate/fall
Over the last few years, the [tỷ lệ sinh] has been [giảm]ing
unit of currency
The standard [đơn vị tiền tệ] in most EU countries is the euro
widespread support
There has been [sự hỗ trợ rộng rãi] for the government's new policy on education
widespread damage
The heavy winds at the weekend have caused [hư hại trên diện rộng]
rise sharply/steeply/fall sharply/steeply
Profits [tăng đột ngột/dốc]s in July, but [giảm đột ngột/dốc] in September
dramatic rise/fall
There was a [sự tăng lên/giảm đi đáng kể] in the number of students applying to university this year
increase steadily/gradually
Number of mature students have [tăng chậm/từ từ]ed since 1960s
remain constant/stable
The number of crimes committed in the city has [giữ nguyên/giữ ổn định]ed since 2001