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Towns and cities

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city skyline
The [tàu điện trên không của thành phố] is a wonderful mix of old and new
busy narrow cobbled streets
The city has a lot of [những con đường lát đá đông đúc và chật hẹp]
conservation area
The old town is a [khu vực bảo tồn]
quaint old buildings
The town has a lot of [những tòa nhà cổ lạ] dating back to the city's foundation in the 1500s
upmarket shops/pricey restaurants/overpriced
Doradella Street has a lot of [những cửa hàng cao cấp] and [những nhà hàng đắt đỏ], sometimes [quá sức đắt]
good value/relaxed atmosphere
Genasia district is where you'll find restaurants which offer [giá cả hợp lý] and a more [không khí thư giãn]
Royal Avenue [chạy]s from north to south
is lined with shops
Royal avenue [đượcphủ dọc bởi các cửa hàng]
lively bars/fashionable clubs
The streets are full of [các bar sôi động] and [ các câu lạc bộ sang trọng]
pavement cafes
The [những quán caphe vỉa hè] and shops of Luna Square are pleasant but very expensive
tree-lined avenues/residential areas/high-rise flats
As you drive into the city, the [những con đường cây trải dọc] of the [những khu dân cư] are replaced by the [những căn hộ mọc cao] of the inner city
imposing buildings
Then you come the [những tòa oai nghiêm] of the Parliament and government departments
inner-city areas/urban wasteland
Some of the [những khu vực nội thành] are an [đất hoang đô thị] and are somewhat dangerous for visitors
no-go areas
In fact some streets have become [các khu vực cấm], with high crime
strewn with litter
Many streets are [được rải đầy rác]
deprived areas/social problems
There are some [những khu thiếu thốn] round the city center with huge [các vấn đề xã hội]
industrial zones
The [những khu công nghiệp] which lie on the edge of the city are grey and polluted
sprawling city/bumper-to-bumper traffic
Triope is a [thành phố được mở rộng thêm] with [giao thông nối đuôi san sát] all the day
exhaust fumes
The [khí thải] can be a nightmare
volume of traffic
The [âm lượng giao thông] has increased in recent years
incessant roar
The [tiếng rú ga ko ngừng] of trucks and buses makes the city centre an extremely noisy place
shanty towns
We can see the [những thị trấn (lều] lụp xụp] on the way to the airport