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People: character and behavior

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good company/selfish streak
You are [quan hệ tốt] but you may have a [tính ích kỷ]
outgoing personality/good sense of humour
You have an [bản tính dễ gần] and a [khiếu hài hước]
vivid imagination/lose the temper
You have a [trí tưởng tượng phong phú] but you tend to [mất bình tĩnh] too easily
razor-sharp mind
You are highly intelligent with a [đầu óc sắc bén]
set high standards/fiercely loyal
You [đặt tiêu chuẩn cao] for yourself and are [cực kỳ trung thành] to your friends
put others first
You always [đặt người khác lên trước]
painfully shy/give the impression/supremely confident
Although you can be [xấu hổ một cách khổ sở] in social situations, at work you [tạo ấn tượng] of being [tự tin tột bậc]
snap decisions
You have a tendency to make [quyết định nhanh gọn]
strong sense of responsibility/keep the word
You have a [ý thức trách nhiệm cao] and always [làm những gì đã nói]
good at keeping secret/bear a grudge
You are [giỏi giữ bí mật] and never [thù dai]
keep the temper/making a fool out of you
You find it hard to [giữ bình tĩnh] if you think someone is [lừa dối, trêu chọc bạn]
brutally honest/hurt others' feelings
You can be [thành thật đến tàn nhẫn] and sometimes [làm đau lòng người khác]
play a joke on
The children [đùa] their teacher by hiding under their desks before she came into the room
take a joke
The teacher could [chấp nhận trò đùa] and didn't punish the children
swallow her pride
Jane [hạ sĩ diện của cô ấy]ed and admitted that she was wrong
throw the tantrum
The child [giận dỗi bướng bỉnh]ed when I wouldn't buy him any sweets
lose my patience
Finally I [mất kiên nhẫn] and shout at her
come to terms with
Nick has found it hard to [chấp nhận được/chịu đựng được (về tinh thần)] his illness
reveal his true character
Jack's failure to support her has certainly [bộc lộ tính cách thật của anh ta]