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People: physical appearance

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round face/chubby cheeks/droopy moustache
My father has a [khuôn mặt tròn trịa], with [hai má phúng phính] and a [chỏm ria tròn]
pointed face/straight nose
My mother has a more [khuôn mặt nhọn] and [ chiếc mũi thẳng]
oval face/upturned nose
My younger sister has an [khuôn mặt trái xoan] and [ chiếc mũi hếch]
slim figure/slender waist
My older sister is like a model, she has a [dáng người thon thả] and [chiếc eo thon]
lovely complexion/sleek shoulder-length hair
My sister has a [nước da đáng yêu] and beautiful [mái tóc dài ngang vai và mượt]
coarse hair/broad hip
I have [mái tóc khô cứng] and rather [phần hông to]
well-built/broad shoulders
My father and my two brothers are all [lực lưỡng] with [đôi vai rộng]
bald/youthful appearance
My father is going [hói] but he still has a very [bề ngoài tươi trẻ] for someone who is over 40
thick hair/bushy eyebrows
My brothers both have [mái tóc dày] and [lông mày rậm]
tiny tot
My younger brother is only 2, he's just a [đứa nhóc con] but he's very cute
dark hair/jet-black hair/grey
My mother's side of the family mostly have [mái tóc sẫm màu] - in fact my mother had [đen tuyền] when she was younger, before she went [xám]
fair hair/ginger hair
On my father's side, some have [mái tóc vàng hoe] and some have [mái tóc đỏ]
dumpy woman
A short, [người phụ nữ béo tròn] was selling flowers at a stall on the street corner (dùng cho nữ)
portly gentleman
A [người đàn ông bệ vệ] answered the door (dùng cho đàn ông trung niên)
lanky youth
A [thanh niên cao lêu nghêu] was standing at the street corner
dishevelled hair
I wouldn't like people to see me with [đấu tóc bù xù] and dirty clothes
bear a striking resemblance to
He [cực kỳ giống]s his father
striking appearance
The lady who entered the room had a very [vẻ bề ngoài nổi bật và hấp dẫn]