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nuclear family
A [gia đình nhỏ] is just parents and children
extended family
A [gia đình lớn] is a wider network including grandparents, cousins, etc.
Close relatives
[Người thân gia đình] are those like parents, children, brothers or sisters
distant relatives/second cousins/distant cousins
[Họ hàng] are people like [anh chị em họ 2 đời] or [anh chị em họ 3 đời]
close/intermediate family/blood relatives
[Gia đình trực hệ] refers to people who are your nearest [những quan hệ máu mủ]
respectable family
Simon came from a [gia đình gia giáo], so Mary's parents felt happy about the marriage
late husband/wife
Someone's [chồng/vợ quá cố] is one who has died
estranged husband/wife
An [chồng/vợ ly thân] is one who lives in a different place and has a difficult relationship with their husband/wife
trial separation/get a divorce
They may be having a [ly thân] and may eventually decide to [li dị]
bitter divorce
In some cases, it can be a [cuộc li dị nhiều tranh cãi]
A person's [chồng cũ/vợ cũ] is a man/woman that she/he used to be married to
broken home
Children whose parents have separated or divorced are said to come from a [gia đình tan vỡ]
stable home
If a family is strong, loving one, it can be called a [gia đình yên ổn]
deprived home
If a family is a poor one, not having the things that are necessary for a pleasent life, such as enough money, food or good living conditions, it can be called a [nhà nghèo]
confirmed bachelor
A [đàn ông độc thân/đồng tính] is a man who seems to have no intention of ever marrying
start a family
They are hoping to [xây dựng gia đình] soon
apply for custody/give custody
The father [đăng ký quyền giám hộ]ed of the children, but the judge [trao quyền giám hộ]ed to the mother
provide for the family
Nick works very long hours to [trang trải cho gia đình]
set up home
We live with my mum now but we'll [tạo lập gia đình riêng] on our own soon