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make friends
When you go to university you will [kết] a lot of new [bạn]
strike up a friendship
Jack [bắt đầu tình bạn]ed with a girl he met on holiday
develop a friendship
Julier [phát triển tình bạn]ed with the boy she sat next to at primary school
spoil a friendship
Not spending several weeks on holiday together has [phá hỏng tình bạn]ed
casual acquaintances
I don't know Rod well. We're just [quen biết bình thường]
gather evidence/carry out a detailed study//play a part
We must first [thu thập chứng cứ], then [thực hiện một nghiên cứu chi tiết] of all the factors that [góp phần] in social conditioning
fall madly in love with
I [yêu điên cuồng với]ed Anton from the moment I met him
love at first sight
It was certainly [tình yêu sét đánh]
love was returned
I knew at once that he was the love of my life but at first I was not sure if my [tình yêu được đáp lại] or not
make yourself at home
Come in and [cứ tự nhiên như ở nhà] while I finish getting dinner early
accept the proposal
When Anton asked me to marry him, I immediately [chấp nhận lời cầu hôn]ed
having an affair
Neither of us would ever consider [ngoại tình] with someone else