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Feelings and emotions

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blissfully happy
Brian and Helen, I know you'll be [cực kỳ hạnh phúc] together
lasting happiness
We hope marrige brings you [hạnh phúc mãi mãi]
happy couple
Best wishes to [cặp đôi mới cưới]
desperately sad/deeply depressed
My grandmother died 6 months ago and I've felt [buồn một cách tuyệt vọng] and [chán nản cùng cực] ever since
bitterly disappointed
I was [cực kỳ thất vọng] when my friend led me down badly
showing my feelings
I'm not good at [biểu lộ cảm xúc của mình]
increasingly anxious
I'm feeling [càng lúc càng lo âu] that I'll fail the next exam
worried sick
In fact, I'm [lo đến phát ốm]
mounting anger/widespread condemnation
There is [sự tức giận tăng cao] over the new tax, along with [sự lên án lan tỏa] of it
aroused feelings
It has especially [cảm xúc được gợi lên] of resentment among professional people
seething with anger
I lost the temper and was [nổi giận] when she called me an idiot
highly emotional
Divorce is [rất cảm xúc] experience for all those involved